Surveyor Maindenhead

A land surveyor Maindenhead is the most modern, practical and attractive profession on the labor market. Continuous development of geodesy entails the need to define new tasks, new disciplines appear, e.g. geomatics, GIS, cadastral geodesy.

Surveyor Maindenhead
Surveyor Maindenhead

Geodesy is of particular importance in the development of many socio-economic fields of the country. Surveyors participate in planning, design and construction processes, in the implementation of various types of above-ground, above-ground and underground structures, in particular: they support the assembly of buildings, measure deformations and displacements of buildings, and carry out final as-built inventory.

Surveyor’s tasks also include regulations on the legal status of real estate.

In his work he uses modern electronic geodetic instruments cooperating with the satellite network, as well as computer techniques using specialized geodetic and design programs.

Land surveyors find employment in surveying and construction companies in government and self-government administration units, and very often run their own businesses.

Well trained surveyors belong to the group of employees sought. The labor market is waiting for professional surveyors who will find employment in such sectors of the economy as: investment services (housing, industrial, road and rail), agriculture, mining, spatial planning, state administration, preparation of documentation for the needs of real estate management.

– cooperates with a surveyor engineer in conducting geodetic works,

– uses geodetic instruments to measure the area, and then presents the results of measurements in the form of maps,

Surveyor Maindenhead

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Surveyor Maindenhead

– at the construction site supports the work of builders,

– changes the structure of space by dividing plots,

– studies displacements and deformations of complex buildings

What will you learn?

– operate modern geodetic equipment,

– demarcate engineering structures (buildings, roads, railways, bridges, etc.),

– divide plots, measure their areas,

– perform calculations using geodetic software,

– draw maps manually and on a computer