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Carried out during buildings demolition, assessing movement of adjacent structures or retained facades. Measuring possible movements helps our client to take an instant actions whenever required.
Picture of male construction engineer working on building site
With many year of experience and numerous completed projects we are able to provide engineering services at any stage of the Project.
Istanbul aerial survey. Bird's eye view of Istanbul
Land surveyors carry out survey for large and small developments, internal building surveys of residential properties for refurbishment, producing detailed drawings, including floor plans and elevations.
topographical survey High Wycombe
We are using the latest technologies to provide full detail 3D informations.It’s the most efficient and most accurate method of collecting survey data.
top survey uk
Dimensional checks survey is important to verify quality of final product. Results are compared to the design informations and reported in AutoCAD drawings. As built surveys record variations/deviations to main element of structure i. e. floor level, columns and walls position etc.
silhouette of two engineers standing at  electricity station
GPR is used in many situations when source data related with services in the ground is missing or doesn’t exist. Mapping survey is used to detect all kinds of buried services like electrical cables, telecoms, water and plastic gas pipes, drainage. Also we can detect and map other underground features such as reinforced concrete, foundations, chambers and voids.