Demarcation of building boundaries is the basis!

Every building must be safe, it must have a solid construction and be built on solid and stable foundations.

The surveyor uses a number of procedures to demarcate the right boundaries for a solid foundation. Slough piling is one of the tasks of a surveyor who sets the boundaries of a building under construction. This task is the most important because if the Slough piling is done correctly, the further work will be the most proper and satisfactory.

The work of a surveyor is very important from the very beginning. His presence, work, documentation is the basis for proper construction of our building. It is up to him not only to mark out the construction area, but also to determine the course and the final result. As we know, if the foundations are bad, the building will collapse. Therefore, from the very beginning we should use the knowledge, skills and experience of surveyors who are the best in their profession.


Necessary work of a surveyor in building demarcation

Slough piling is the basic service of the general surveyor before the work begins. It is to mark the right points in the field that are characteristic. This involves putting stakes into the right places, usually in a visible color. Once the stakes have been placed in the right places, the geometric axes of the building are determined. Batter board is used for this purpose. With the Slough piling procedure, it is possible to mark out potential construction lines with a rope, tape or wire. Crossed lines mark the intersection of the house axis. Thanks to this axis we know where the plumb-lines will be built. Slough piling and other tasks have to be described in the construction logbook. The General Surveyor, as a part of his duties, also creates a situation and height map of the plot.

If we decide to start construction, we must remember that only the general surveyor with the qualifications necessary for his work can indicate the place where the building is to be demarcated. Prices for surveying services such as plotting, piling, Slough piling and documentation are very variable. They depend on the surveying company, location, but also on the size of construction site. The area in which the work is carried out is also important in terms of valuation. The more expensive the land, the more the surveyor will charge for his work. When selecting the General Surveyor, let us be guided by good opinion and trust.

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